New Environmentally-friendly Packaging Materials

As a leading domestic enterprise in production, research and production of vacuum metalized paper,

Shunho Stock is one of the biggest vacuum metalized paper manufacturing enterprises in the world,

also one of the drafters of the Standards for Packaging Industry of the People’s Republic of China: Environmental Vacuum Metalized Paper,

enjoys absolute market and technological advantages in the industry.

Active development of environmental-friendly materials to promote the sustainable development of the environment is a major concept of global industrial development in the future. It is a great event concerning national economy and people’s livelihood and also the responsibilities of Shunho Stock.

Shunho Stock has the environmental-friendly packaging materials mainly including vacuum aluminized transfer paper, white cardboard and composite paper. The company has provided personality customized packaging for specific end clients and high-end clients to meet different demands of the clients in different industries through creative design, advanced equipment and process technology. With the cutting-edge processes including direct writing photo-etching, Fresnel lens and relief lens supplemented by unique make-up and super fast proofing technology, the company can provide the clients with a full-range high-quality packaging services from design concept to formation and its products are widely used in the packaging of products such as tobacco wine and daily chemicals as well as decoration materials.

The Company has set up a unique R&D center and has a research team specially engaging in technological research and development of transfer, complex, molded and anti-counterfeiting products. At the same time, it has formed a more perfect corporate R&D system by making use of the industry R&D centers and the exchange platform of national test centers. At present, the Company has researched and developed a set of perfect research and development as well as detection and testing facilities; and various kinds of R&D facilities are totally worthy of RMB 63 million.

In 2008, Shunho Stock joined the Alliance for Sustainable Development and has been committed to a stronger environmental vision. With the strong support of members, it will march towards a more sustainable future. The Alliance initially had 9 sponsor members including Dow Chemical, Estee Lauder, MWV, Nike, Starbucks, Unilever and Pepsi.

By taking vacuum aluminized transfer paper as pointcut, Shunho Stock has been committed to the promotion of new environmentally-friendly packaging materials, integrated the sustainable packaging concept into the entire life cycle of vacuum metalized paper, and continuously researched and developed degradable and recyclable paper film packaging products. At the same time, Shunho Stock has paid more attention to the sustainability in the production process, and taken the lead in introducing RTO exhaust gas treatment equipment to deal with exhaust gases with medium and low concentration. When the exhaust gas has a higher concentration, the secondary waste heat may be recovered. It can reduce the production and operation costs while lowering pollution and hazards. Shunho Stock has constantly optimized the materials and energy used in the production process, promoted relevant industries and industry chains to attach importance to packaging materials and the improvement of environmental awareness, reduce carbon emissions and march towards a more sustainable future.

Printed Products

Mainly include the printing of specific end clients and printed products for social consumer packaging
Has reached a long-term cooperation relationship with Dior, Estee Lauder, China Tobacco, British American Tobacco - With continuous innovation in the development and application fields of high-end printed products, it has led the rapid development of the industry.

New Tobacco Products

In 2013, Shunho Stock began to make an overall arrangement in new tobacco products through its shareholding subsidiary Shanghai Green Vaper Technology Co., Ltd., focus on low temperature heating non-combustible cigarette utensil and non-tobacco non-combustible products, built a core industry chain composing of three sectors such as research and development, supply chain and marketing, quicken the multi-level product layout for new tobacco products and non-tobacco non-combustible products, as well as expansion and marketing of domestic and foreign channels, and  occupy the first-mover advantages and technological advantages in the industry.

At present, Shunho Stock has grasped the core technology of low temperature heating non-combustible products from hardware to software, launched several heating non-combustible cigarette utensils, especially had an exclusively national patent for invention in cigarette internal burner (needle-type heating) and laid a first first-mover advantage in the whole industry chain of new tobacco. At the same time, in order to further expand the domestic market, horizontally extend the industry chain, Shunho Stock has independently researched and developed non-tobacco non-combustible cigarette bombs and created a new blue sea for non-tobacco products.

Industrial Hemp

Hemp is an important business layout of the Company at the strategic level,

It is a great decision made by the Company after seriously considering the development of international market.

The key value ingredient CBD (cannabidiol) of industry hemp is expensive,

With multi-functions, it has a huge market with considerable prospects of earnings.

According to the early strategic and business development planning in the field of  hemp, the Company will make an overall industry chain layout in domestic and foreign links including the cultivation of hemp, research and development of downstream products, and its production and sales by taking the cultivation and processing of hemp as turning point, compact the first-mover advantages of the Company and strengthen the Company’s industry layout all over the world. At the same time, the Company will attach great importance to the introduction of talents in new business and new field, establish and perfect a human resources system to introduce high-end talents, make high-end talents to cover the links of industrial hemp including cultivation, extraction and application, make high-end management talents to cover the operation and production management of the Company, strengthen the training and selection mechanism of existing talents and make the talents to become the strong driving force in facilitating the development and progress of the enterprise.

In January 2019, it set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Yunnan Luxin Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to carry out relevant businesses of hemp in cultivation, processing and product sales. The Company has researched and developed, applied, produced and sold the end products containing the additives based on the extracts of CBD (cannabidiol) and other active ingredients from hemp.

It set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Yunnan Luxin Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has taken as major business the cultivation of industrial hemp, processing and its product sales, and obtained the License of Industrial Hemp Cultivation in Yunnan Province and the written reply for applying a hemp leaves processing project at the beginning of 2019.
The board of directors has authorized the Company’s management layer to invest less than RMB 300 million in the industrial hemp project.
It is planned to set up a wholly-invested subsidiary- LUXIN HEMP GROUP INC. in USA, which plans to cooperate with overseas institutions of higher education and scientific research institutions in developing industrial hemp products.
It signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement for Industrial Hemp Processing Project with Tonghe County People’s Government of Heilongjiang, planning to invest RMB 200 million in carrying out the projects including industrial hemp deep-processing and end product development and application.
It increased its investment in Shanghai Hongchi, became a shareholder of Aerospace Wujiang and signed a Cooperation Agreement with Yunnan Xike.

Organic Biological Agriculture

Based on the macroscopic background that the State has vigorously promoted the agricultural development and the huge market room for organic agricultural development, it has developed the organic agricultural field and businesses including functional organic fertilizer, soil remediation and treatment, and modern ecological agriculture in Jingzhou, Hubei Province.

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